How can I promote my website?

A website should be considered an integral part of your overall marketing plan. Once you have created a website, the next the step is to promote the website, both on the internet and within more traditional channels.

How to promote your website

Here are a number of ways that you can attract people to your website:

• Put your website address on your business cards, letterhead, envelopes and invoices etc
• Place your website on all marketing and advertising material.
• Email an announcement to customers, supporters, and friends
• Place it in your email signature.
• List it in trade association and organization directories.
• Add your site to your Yellow Pages listing to increase credibility and direct people to your website.
• Distribute flyers and business cards.
• Promote your website in trade journals and newsletters.
• Take out an ad in the local paper to promote your company or organization.
• Encourage others to link to your website like customers, suppliers, advertisers, supporters, friends, etc.
• Make sure your webmaster makes your website search engine friendly
• Consider pay per click (PPC) search engine advertising, such as with Google AdWords.
• Promote your site on various social media such as twitter and facebook.
• Place it on your company-owned cars and trucks.
• Update your site frequently in order to attract return visits.

In summary, there are lots of ways that you can promote your website. Use common sense and keep an eye out for everyday marketing opportunities.