How do I get high search engine visibility?

Search engine visibility is hugely important for web-based business and individuals. The fundamental rule in obtaining high visibility is to have relevant textual content on your website that contains key terms and phrases that people will use when searching for your type of business or organization. This is covered by "What is SEO?"

Page Rank

Another important facet is to have high quality links to your website which will increase your 'page rank'. Page rank has a unique meaning within the context of the Google search engine. The principle of page rank is to have web pages that link to your web pages, which gives your pages a higher page rank. Quality matters, not just quality. If the page rank of a page linking to your page is relatively high, the page rank of your pages will be boosted. Therefore, getting quality websites in the same line of business to link to your website helps your page rank, which helps increase visibility.

There are several categories of links between websites:

• Inbound links are links from other websites to your pages. It is desirable to obtain as many inbound links from "quality" sites - those that have high search engine visibility and high page rankings.
• Outbound links are links from your pages to other websites. These do not necessarily increase search engine visibility of your site.
• Reciprocal links are links that are exchanged - you link to another site and that site will link to you. Reciprocal are a good technique to increase the number of inbound links to your site. One way links are links from one site to another, without a reciprocal link back.
• Paid link submission involves paying a "link farm" website to link back to your website. Be careful when considering doing this, as search engines penalize for what they consider attempts to manipulate visibility.

Google adwords

Google adwords (or ad words) are a form of pay per click (PPC) advertising. They consist of ads that google includes when people search for certain key words (known as adwords). Your ad is returned along with the list of search results. You are charged a small fee every time that someone clicks on your ad.


In summary, the art of achieving search engine visibility involves many factors, and there is no single magic bullet that will guarantee you high visibility. Search engine companies deliberately conceal the specifics of their ranking mechanisms so that people do not try to cheat via techniques such as keyword spamming. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that must be an integral part of your website development and maintenance.