How much does a website cost?

Websites can cost anywhere from a few thousand rand to tens of thousands of rands, depending on the amount of features are included, and how many web pages are to be created. Check out Boffin Software prices for a list of our prices and details of what is included in the price.

Some factors that will alter the cost :

     • Design Work. An attractive website draws in potentially interested parties so that they will dig deeper into your website and contact you for more information.

     • Website Size. Websites can vary from a single paged website to a website with ten's, even hundred's of pages. The more pages you need the more the cost will increase.

     • Features. Additional features, such as a eCommerce and content management cost more than your standard website..

     • Images & Photos. The number of images and photos you require for your website may increase your cost. Boffin Software does not charge any extra for images and photos on standard websites. A charge of R25 per product is charged for ecommerce after 250 products.

     • Royalty Costs. If you website uses any copyright material (images, video etc), royalty payments will have to be made.

     • Audio & Video. Website costs will vary if your website requires editing and preparation of audio and video files.

     • Flash Animation. Animation can vary in it's complexity. Complex animation will increase the cost.