What website features do I need?

A website can be pretty basic, or it can be quite complex, depending on your requirements. Boffin Software will advise you on the features that you need. One of the advantages of using Boffin Software to develop your website is we offer several levels of website content.

Some features you may want to consider for your website :

     • eCommerce. A eCommerce website allows you to sell products on your website. If you sell commercial products, books and journals, or other material, an eCommerce website will let your customers purchase your products through your website.

     • Photo gallery. A photo gallery website allows you or your webmaster to post your own photos to the website, along with captions and additional information. This is useful if you plan on adding a lot of photos.

     • Email campaign. An email campaign allows you to send out newsletters, alerts, and product announcements to people who sign up for them. The email can be graphical to incorporate logos and images for better presentability. The website does all the "heavy lifting", such as letting people sign up, sending the emails, and handling unsubscribers.