Why do I need a website?

It is no longer practical for a business simply to have a Yellow Pages listing or to mail printed brochures. A website offers an opportunity to promote or advertise your company to a wide audience. Boffin Software specializes in developing professional websites with well-organized content.

Advantages of having a website :
     • It presents your information, your company and your products on the internet.
     • A website is basically your "internet business card".
     • It allows people to find you when they search the web.
     • It establishes credibility for your company or organization.

Businesses and organizations can promote their company or products over the internet at a fraction of the cost of using traditional channels of communication. Having a website is probably the most cost-effective way you can advertise.

If you have a business, a website will give you a corporate presence on the internet and will increase your credibility. It will allow people to find your business via the internet.